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QRadar Support: Policy changes regarding severity 1 cases



IBM QRadar Support is notifying administrators about the case policy for Severity 1 reported issues to allow support representatives to reduce and change the severity of a case when certain conditions are met. Severity 1 cases are intended for critical business issues or production system failures. Users who have Severity 1 issues triaged, systems restored, or initial mitigations in place can receive requests from support to downgrade the case severity. This technical note outlines the Severity 1 case policy for all QRadar users.


The role of the QRadar Support team is to troubleshoot issues, investigate, and help users resolve software and hardware problems. QRadar Support works on Severity 1 assigned issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on critical production system issues.

Changes to QRadar Support's Severity 1 policy
IBM reserves the right to communicate and downgrade case severity where functionality is restored, but noncritical issues exist from Severity 1 to an appropriate level, such as 2, 3, or 4. The goal of this policy is to inform users that support representatives might reduce severity during an investigation to assist users and organize critical issues. It is important to clearly communication how your case impacts your business for QRadar Support to triage your case and understand the urgency and severity of the issue.
Examples where support might downgrade the case severity:
  • Unresponsive requests to work on your Severity 1 case. For more information, see Support policy for IBM Security products when the client in a Severity 1 issue does not respond.
    Note: QRadar Support works with users 24 hours a day, seven days a week to resolve Severity 1 critical issues, provided you have a technical resource available to work during those hours. If you are unresponsive to multiple contact requests, your case severity can be downgraded. Adding contact information for other team members in your case notes can help prevent communication issues.
  • A workaround is in place and the critical business impact is mitigated.
  • An APAR or known issue is provided and continued work is required, but the system is functional.
In these scenarios, a support representative might change the case severity. We understand that cases evolve over time and the issue severity might go up or down as problems are investigated. To further assist users, an Escalate case button is available in the IBM Support Portal. The Escalate case button allows users to escalate and issue after IBM provides an initial response to your case.  Severity 2, 3, and 4 escalated cases are worked in their geographic time zone during business hours and Severity 1 issues are worked 24x7.

Can I restore the severity of my case

Yes, users who believe the severity is set incorrectly can update their case and provide a note to the support representative. In the past, QRadar Support advised users to upgrade their case severity when urgent assistance was required or to escalate a case. The need to raise severity is no longer required as an Escalate case button is available in the IBM Support Portal.


  1. Navigate to the IBM Support Portal to view your open cases.
  2. Log in with your IBMid.
  3. Select an open case.
  4. In the Severity field, click the Edit icon.
    image 12348
    Note: If you need to escalate your issue, use the Escalate case button.
  5. Select a severity and click Save.
    image 12349
  6. In the Case history field, add a note to inform your support representative and click Add comment.
    image 12350

    The case severity is updated. The support representative is alerted that your case is updated and might request further information.

Can I exclude my cases from severity adjustments

No, there is no method to apply an exclusion to an account as each case is triage and negotiated with users separately. If an administrator disagrees with the support representative, they can adjust the severity of the case and add a note for the support representative. If you experience issues with a case downgrade or if you are unhappy with QRadar Support, you can request a Duty Manager to talk to a manager within the support organization.

QRadar list of issues by severity

When a user opens a case the severity level is set, but the severity of a case can be adjusted during the life of the case as more information becomes available. The following is a list of severity levels with a definition. Severity 1 issues are typically reserved for production system down or critical outages.

Severity Business Impact Detailed description
1 Critical System or Service Down
Business critical functionality is inoperable or a critical interface has failed. This usually applies to a production environment and indicates an inability to access products or services resulting in a critical impact on operations. This condition requires an immediate solution.

Note: We will work with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to resolve Severity 1 problems provided you have a technical resource available to work during those hours. You must reasonably assist IBM with any problem diagnosis and resolution. For IBM Cloud services, you must log a Service Down case within 24 hours of first becoming aware that there is a critical business impact and the Cloud service is not available.
2 Significant A product, service, business feature, or function of the product or service is severely restricted in its use, or you are in jeopardy of missing business deadlines.
3 Some The product, service, or functionality is usable and the issue does not represent a significant impact on operations.
4 Minimal An inquiry or non-technical request.

Are all open cases receiving severity changes

No. Open cases evolve over time during an investigation and the severity of an issue can change over time. IBM is NOT globally downgrading Severity 1 open cases. We understand that each case is unique and severity is negotiated based on a number of factors. IBM is informing users with open cases that QRadar Support representatives might request an adjustment on case severity when they review the most current information available from development teams. If the severity of a case is adjusted, the QRadar Support team member is instructed to provide an update to describe the reason for the change in severity. 

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27 July 2022