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QRadar: Data Gateway addition fails with error "Not all hosts have completed the deployment successfully"



The setup script /opt/qradar/bin/ mh_setup interactive -p fails at deploying changes.


The setup script reports the following error
2020-11-13 15:11:45 (UTC) [INFO] Deployment has failed:
        Initiating Deployment: []
        Deployment in Progress: []
        Deploy Timed Out: [<DG IP>]
        Succeeded: [<Console IP>,<DG IP> ]
        Failed due to Error: []
2020-11-13 15:11:45 (UTC) [INFO] Removing alias 
for <DG IP> in /etc/hosts
2020-11-13 15:11:45 (UTC) [INFO] Failed to run command 'mh_setup': Failed to perform 
incremental deploy on deployment '': Not all hosts have 
completed the deployment successfully


As the last stage of adding a Data Gateway (DG) to a QRadar® on Cloud (QRoC) Console, the setup script deploys the changes. When a managed host (including the Console) reports a timeout or error, the setup script reports the failure that the "Deployment has failed".

Despite the error message, If the Data Gateway was successfully added to the Console then it is displayed in the list of Data Gateways.

To confirm the Data Gateway has been added:
  1. Click on the Cloud icon.
  2. Expand the list.
  3. Verify that the Data Gateway has been added.
    image 11246


QRadar® on Cloud Data Gateways

Diagnosing The Problem

The administrators must identify in the error message, the managed host that failed to deploy (time out or error).
Initiating Deployment: []
Deployment in Progress: []
Deploy Timed Out: [<Existing DG IP>]
Succeeded: [<QRoC Console IP>,<DG being added IP>]
Failed due to Error: []
In the previous error message, the Console and the DG being added succeeded, but another DG did not (time out).

Resolving The Problem

To resolve this problem, the administrators have different actions depending on the following scenarios.
Data Gateway or Managed Host being added failed
  1. Confirm the listed gateways are up and listening to the Console.
    Note: Contact the Data Gateway administrator or MSSP to confirm connectivity.
    Deploy Timed Out: [<Existing DG IP>]

    The following commands can be used for testing the connectivity on the faulty DG. If any of these tests fail, the administrator must engage the proper network team and grant the connectivity. See: Prerequisites for data gateways.
    1. Tcptraceroute:
      tcptraceroute 443
    2. Telnet:
      telnet 443
    3. Openssl:
      openssl s_client -connect -showcerts
    4. Nslookup:
  2. Confirm the listed gateways have enough bandwidth. See QRadar: Deploy Changes times out on managed hosts due to low bandwidth link.
  3. From the admin tab of the QRadar® UI  Deploy the changes.
Console failed.
  1. Administrators are advised to raise a support case with IBM® QRadar® Support to resolve the issue.

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