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QRadar: 'Permission denied' error when running GlusterFS to Distributed Replication Block Device migration script for Event Collectors



The QRadar® upgrade to version 7.4.2 requires you to run a migration script on the consoleThis script migrates the High Availability file system from GlusterFS to Distributed Replication Block Device on all Event Collectors in your deployment.

In some scenarios, the script terminates because of insufficient file system permissions. This is most likely to happen when you download the latest version of the script from FixCentral.


The glusterfs_migration_manager script displays an error:
-bash: ./glusterfs_migration_manager-<script_version>.bin: Permission denied


This error occurs when the glusterfs_migration_manager script does not have correct file permissions.


QRadar® Event Collectors upgrading to 7.4.2

Diagnosing The Problem

On the QRadar console, check the file permission of the script (file with the .bin extension) by using below command:
ls -ltrh /opt/qradar/ha/bin/glusterfs_migration_manager-<script_version>.bin

The permissions for the script should be -rwxr-xr-x or 755.

Resolving The Problem

  1. If the permissions are different, run the following command to set the correct permission:
    chmod  755 /opt/qradar/ha/bin/glusterfs_migration_manager-<script_version>.bin
  2. After the right permissions are set, the file permissions will look like this sample:
    ls -ltrh /opt/qradar/ha/bin/glusterfs_migration_manager-<script_version>.bin
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 9.8M Jul  17 15:18  /opt/qradar/ha/bin/glusterfs_migration_manager-<script_version>.bin
  3. Run the script on the console.
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04 August 2021