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This document contains instructions to download IBM Datacap OCRPL Recognition version 9.1.8.

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IBM Datacap OCRPL Recognition 9.1.8 is a new machine print OCR engine for all customers with IBM Datacap 9.1.8.

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To download and install IBM Datacap OCRPL Recognition 9.1.8, complete the following steps:
  1. Sign in to Passport Advantage by using your IBM ID. If you are not a returning customer or you do not have an IBM ID, you can register to obtain an IBM ID.
  2. Download the IBM Datacap OCRPL Recognition 9.1.8 installation program (on a computer that processes rules, such as Rulerunner), and extract the .zip file.
Component Description
Part Number - G01JDML
IBM Datacap OCRPL Recognition V9.1.8 Multiplatform English
  1. Right-click the setup.exe file and select Run as administrator option to start the installation program. The InstallShield Wizard window is displayed.
  2. Select the language for the installation, and click OK.
  3. The installer should be installed on Datacap 9.1.8 base version. Choose the same directory as the Datacap 9.1.8 folder.
  4. In the Welcome to InstallShield Wizard window, click Next.
  5. After reading the license agreement in the Software License Agreement window, select the I accept the terms in the license agreement option and click Next.
  6. In the Ready to Install the Program window, click Install.
  7. The status of installation is displayed in the Installing IBM Datacap OCRPL Recognition 9.1.8 window.
  8. In the InstallShield Wizard Completed window, click Finish. The installation of IBM Datacap OCRPL Recognition 9.1.8 is now complete.
Published on: 25 June 2021


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14 July 2021