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IBM Power HMC 7063-CR2 Console Inband Communications Credentials

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The IBM Power HMC, model 7063-CR2, is an OpenBMC-based management console that requires the user to configure HMC-to-BMC Inband Communications Credentials to allow for periodic monitoring of hardware problem events and other management console functions.

A new task under HMC Settings, called Console Inband Communications Credentials was created to set or maintain the credentials.


Explain the concept of HMC-to-BMC inband communications credentials and how to configure them.


Any IBM Power HMC 7063-CR2.



In order for the HMC to self-monitor for problem reporting it must be able to communicate with the BMC to, among other things, poll for platform events. For general information on how to configure the BMC on the 7063-CR2 HMC, see "How to configure the BMC on HMC 7063-CR2".

To communicate with OpenBMC, two things are needed:

  1. An inband or "pass-through" interface for the OS to reach the BMC (to talk)
  2. Administrator privilege credentials with which to access OpenBMC (to query and retrieve events)

Inband communication interfaces

The 7063-CR2 HMC uses an usb0-to-usb0 model of communication. There is an usb0 interface on the HMC OS, and an usb0 interface on the BMC. The two use a pre-defined set of IPs. The two interfaces are pre-configured, no user intervention is needed for this step.

  • BMC usb0 IP:
  • HMC usb0 IP:

Administrator privilege credentials

The administrator privilege credentials are necessary for the HMC to communicate with the API of the BMC.

The default administrator privilege credentials for the BMC are:

  • Username: root
  • Password: 0penBmc (zero for the O)

NOTE: The default password auto-expires on the first access by the user, and must be changed. It is recommended that a local user, other than root, is configured with administrator privilege, and be used for console inband communications. See article "How to add a user to the BMC on the 7063-CR2 HMC" for detailed steps.

Console Inband Communication Credentials Notifications

Once the HMC has booted, a periodic pop-up event is displayed (after 20 minutes), to remind the user to set the inband credentials, unless the user has previously set them. If any users are accessing a shell (ssh or rshterm), they will also receive a "wall" message. The notifications repeat every 24 hrs while the credentials are not set.

Pop-up message text:

Update HMC to inband BMC credentials

HMC to inband BMC credential has not been set. Please supply administrator level username and password.

Pop-up message image:

inband not set pop-up

NOTE: If the HMC is rebooted, the notifications start again, 20 minutes following the boot and continue their 24-hour cadence from there.


In addition to the pop-up and wall messages, a serviceable event (E3551232) is logged. This serviceable event does not repeat if it is still in the open state on the next notification cycle and the credentials are still not set.

cr2 inband service event E3551232

cr2 inband event text

How to configure the Console Inband Communication Credentials?

1. Select a local user on the BMC with administrator privilege.
NOTE: Optional but recommended, create a new local user on the BMC (other than root), with administrator privilege. See article "How to add a user to the BMC on the 7063-CR2 HMC" for detailed steps.

2. On the HMC, select Console Settings -> Console Inband Communication Credentials
For HMC v10r2.1030 and newer, select HMC Management -> Inband BMC credentials

3. When the task loads, it checks if current credentials exist, and validates them.
The user is informed if the currently set credentials are valid, failed, not set, or expired.

cr2 inband retrieving current settings

cr2 inband credentials states

There are two types of credentials-related tasks available, Set Credentials or Change Expired Password.

The default task is Set Credentials, unless the previously provided password is expired, in which case it loads in the Change Expired Password task.

NOTE: The Change Expired Password task, cannot be selected by the user, it is only available when the previously provided password has expired. This scenario can be common on first time setups when the user has yet to configure the BMC and the default credentials of root/0penBMC are still in place.

4. If the current credentials are valid, there is nothing else to do, click Close on the message panel, and then click Close to end the task.

cr2 inband credentials valid

cr2 inband setting credentials

5. If the current credentials are in failed authentication state, or are not set then update the credentials by providing a valid username and password and clicking on the Set Credentials button. Otherwise, continue on step 7.

cr2 inband failed auth

cr2 inband credentials not set

cr2 inband setting credentials

6. If the credentials are accepted, click Close on the message panel, and then click Close on the main panel to end the task.

cr2 inband credentials accepted

7. If the credentials are expired, clicking on Close on the message panel.

cr2 inband credentials expired

8. The main panel switches to the Change Expired Password task.

Provide a new password (twice to confirm), to update the new password for the user, on the BMC. Click Change Expired Password.

cr2 inband credentials expired set password

9. If the passwords match and conform to the rules, the Password changed message is displayed. Click Close on the message panel.

cr2 inband password changed

10. Click Close on the main panel to end the task.

How to configure the Inband BMC Communications Credentials using the Command Line

The chhmc command can be used to set the inband communication credentials or to update an expired password. Check the chhmc manpage for details.

cr2 inband chhmc manpage

Example of failed authentication when providing invalid credentials via chhmc

cr1 inband chhmc invalid

Example of expired inband BMC credentials (expired password)

cr2 inband chhmc expired

Example of providing a new password (due to expiration) for the inband BMC credentials. Note the first attempt with empty password parameter, failed. The password must be provided in the command.

cr1 inband chhmc modify password

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