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Webinar Q&A: IBM Spectrum Protect server crash/core dump analysis - 13 May 2021



This document contains Q&A and presentation and video download links from the recently hosted webinar by IBM Spectrum Protect support team to discuss 'IBM Spectrum Protect server crash/core dump analysis'.


 The following questions and answers are from the 13 May 2021 webinar with IBM Spectrum Protect support engineers to discuss "IBM Spectrum Protect server crash/core dump analysis".

Q1: Is there any limit for core dump file size?

>>There is no specific size of core dump file, however you can limit the size of core dump file by setting the following parameter value.
core file size       <value>  (For Linux)
coredump(blocks)     <value>   (For AIX)

Run "ulimit -a" command to verify the current setting. It is an operating system setting so seek help from operating system administrator to update those values.

Reference the following links for more documentation on the core file dependencies:
Q2: How to upload large core dump files for triage with IBM Support? Is any auto-upload options available?
>>There is no auto-upload option available yet. You can upload your logs by using following method:
Q3: What if the core is corrupted?

>>It is not possible to extract call stack from a corrupted core dump file. A further investigation is required for the cause of corruption, most probably from relevant operating systems administration and support.

Q4: Can we get the core/call stack using snapcore utility like dbx?
>>No. The snapcore command gathers the core file, program, and libraries used by the program and compresses the information into a pax file.
Reference the following link for more detail:
Q5: How to subscribe to upcoming webinars? Is there a subscribe link option to get auto email notifications for upcoming events?
>>You can subscribe the IBM Spectrum Protect product updates and specially choose Webcast, so you receive notification emails on your registered ID.
Reference the following link for more detail:

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