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Upgrading Liberty in IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Jazz Authorization Server

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As an administrator, I want to upgrade the version of WebSphere Liberty used by the Jazz Authorization Server.


As an administrator, I need to alleviate security issues that might arise with the Jazz Authorization Server.
If you need to update the Liberty version that is embedded with the ELM application server, see this technote


If you are upgrading to a version of Liberty that is newer than the version listed in the IBM Software Compatibility Reports, IBM recommends performing these steps in a test environment before upgrading production systems.
The latest tested version is
  1. Download WebSphere® Liberty package from
    1. Download one of the "Liberty with Java™ EE 8 Web Profile" packages from the section: "Convenience .zip files with Java™ EE 8 (.zip installation)"
    2. There are individual packages for each platform, or a single package with all platforms.
    3. Download link will redirect to the correct package located in Fix Central.
  2. cd to JAS_HOME
  3. Stop JAS server (stop-jazz)
  4. cd <JAS_HOME>/wlp directory
  5. Take a backup of the files we are replacing
    • Linux
      • zip -r . ../
    • Windows
      • Compress-Archive -Path . -DestinationPath ..\
  6. Remove existing directories
    • Windows®
    • rmdir /q /s bin clients dev java lafiles lib templates
    • del /q CHANGES.TXT Copyright.txt README.TXT
    • Linux®
    • rm -rf bin clients dev java lafiles lib templates CHANGES.TXT Copyright.txt README.TXT
  7. cd <JAS_HOME>/wlp/usr/servers
  8. Remove the cache directories
    • Windows®
    • rmdir /s .classCache .pid
    • Linux®
    • rm -rf .classCache .pid
  9. cd <JAS_HOME>/wlp/usr/servers/jazzop
  10. Remove Liberty working directories
    • Windows®
    • rmdir /q /s logs tranlog workarea
    • Linux®
    • rm -rf logs tranlog workarea
  11. cd <JAS_HOME>
  12. Extract new WLP version package
    • Windows®
    • unzip <path to>\
    • Linux®
    • unzip <path to>/
  13. cd <JAS_HOME>/wlp/bin
  14. Install Liberty packages
    • Windows®
    • installUtility install openidConnectServer-1.0 samlWeb-2.0 scim-1.0 socialLogin-1.0 jdbc-4.0 admincenter-1.0
    • Linux®
    • ./installUtility install openidConnectServer-1.0 samlWeb-2.0 scim-1.0 socialLogin-1.0 jdbc-4.0 admincenter-1.0
  15. cd <JAS_HOME>
  16. start JAS server (start-jazz)
If issues are encountered after upgrade:
  1. Please contact IBM Support for assistance in resolving the issue
  2. If you encounter issues that are not resolvable, you can remove the new versions of the files installed and restore the backup that was created in Step 5.

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18 January 2023