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Latest news of Java on IBM i



Latest news of Java on IBM i


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Latest news of Java on IBM 
April, 2021:  New Oracle signer certificate
New Oracle signer certificate is used to sign cryptographic provider.
        Owner: CN=JCE Code Signing CA,OU=Java Software Code Signing, O=Oracle Corporation
        Issuer: CN=JCE Code Signing CA,OU=Java Software Code Signing, O=Oracle Corporation
        Serial number: 3C:9E:B1:89:F7:33:D3
        Valid from: Jul 6 23:48:44 2016 GMT until Dec 31 00:00:00 2030
Once you upgraded to following levels, the old certificate is not recognized anymore. You may encounter with similar exception listed in above page.
        Java 8    SR6 FP25
        Java 7    SR10 FP75
        Java 7.1 SR4 FP75 
Third-party JCE provider users should be careful before upgrading.
Once the issue occurred, contact your provider vendor to update the provider.
April, 2021:  Java 11 GA
IBM Technology for Java 11 is released on IBM i 7.3 and higher. It is released as off-release delivery for product 5770JV1 option 19 (Java 11 64 bit).
Instructions on how to use Java 11 on i:
1. Download Java 11 from the Entitled Software Support(ESS)
2. PTF Group SF99725 level 21 or higher is required for i 7.3;  PTF Group SF99665 level 10 or higher is required for i 7.4.
3. Set JAVA_HOME to /QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData/JavaVM/jdk11/64bit before invoking the Java.

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28 June 2021