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Known problems with InfoSphere MDM 12.0

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This page lists the known problems in IBM® InfoSphere® Master Data Management (InfoSphere MDM) 12.0. The details of the known problems are documented in individual IBM® Support articles (tech notes).


IBM® Stewardship Center
This table lists the known problems with the IBM® Stewardship Center's Stewardship Physical MDM dashboard.

Number Title Version identified
Configuring IBM Stewardship Center for InfoSphere MDM 12.0 to work with Elasticsearch 7.9.3
User authentication by the machine learning service fails for users logged in to the InfoSphere MDM Advanced and Standard Edition user interface for data stewardship
All versions
#2010913 In Functional Dashboard, the system changes graph doesn’t load if we change options quickly, multiple times
#2010898 Search by account in IBM Stewardship Center does a different search based on the criteria provided
#2008291 Testing the connection for a data source can fail during IBM Stewardship Center installation
#2008242 Closed interactions are not displayed in the Interaction widget
#2008243 The tasks created by Physical MDM suspected duplicate searches are not displayed immediately after you close a task
#2003244 IBM Stewardship Center encounters a performance issue when it returns a large number of suspected duplicate tasks
#2007039 Inspector: when updating source:ID pair attributes, source is set to the first in the list if the source remains unchanged during the edit

This table lists the known problems with InfoSphere MDM installation and initial configuration.

Number Title Version identified
#6434745    In InfoSphere MDM deployments with a Db2 for z/OS database, upgrade targets do not create new tables All versions
#6433503 When you upgrade InfoSphere MDM by using Upgrade_MasterDataManagement, a custom property in the Kafka Resource Environment Provider is not included in the upgrade
#6430179 Issues launching the InfoSphere MDM operational server when it is deployed with IBM Db2 11.5 12.0
InfoSphere MDM Probabilistic Matching Engine (PME) stand-alone installation does not extract the MAD native library,,,,,,,
#0793609 InfoSphere MDM Workbench: Validation error during the creation of a Service Tailoring Project

ServletException during MDM startup in WebSphere Application Server and higher
#0733273 InfoSphere MDM Workbench: 'mdm_bundles' is not automatically added as a target platform location with WebSphere Application Server 9.0
#0732415 InfoSphere MDM database schema name is missing from the Statistics Collection properties files
#2011590 Unable to open virtual MDM UIs on InfoSphere MDM cluster installations that use an SSL enabled database
#2011856 Connect Exception on default Web Services port during server start 11.0, 11.3, 11.4, 11.5
#2012769 Errors noticed when using Statistics feature on an upgraded MDM instance
#2011462 Syntax issue on MDM statistics property files
#2003384 Old datasource connections retried after database migration to new server

Physical and virtual MDM
This table lists other known problems with physical MDM and virtual MDM functionality.

Number Title Version identified
#0731345 Incorrect 'ToTime' returned in the InfoSphere MDM getStatistics transaction
#6434707 InfoSphere MDM generates an error when running the script in the Management Agent 12.0

MDM Publisher

This table lists known problems with MDM Publisher functionality.
Number Title Version identified
#6431261 IBM MDM Publisher support for the Phone attribute of the InfoSphere MDM SE party template model
#6431273 In IBM MDM Publisher, users can become locked out of the login page with an Authentication JSON Web Token error.
#6431279 MDM Publisher back-end response is very slow.
When IBM MDM Publisher is reinitialized in Kubernetes deployments, users are not prompted to log in again.
#6479389 IBM MDM Publisher cannot validate the server certificate of SSL-enabled SQL Server instances. 12.0
#6479395 In IBM MDM Publisher, editing the ongoing synchronization configuration to update SSL properties does not work. 12.0
#6479399 In IBM MDM Publisher, existing endpoint connections can be lost when updating the configuration. 12.0
#6479483 IBM MDM Publisher can encounter issues connecting to the ongoing synchronization server if the node changes. 12.0
#6479539 In IBM MDM Publisher, if an endpoint connection fails, the teardown script might not fully remove the pod. 12.0
#6479541 Authorizing IBM Match 360 with Watson for use with IBM MDM Publisher can fail IBM Aspera certification. 12.0
Some special characters are not supported in names of endpoints, data filters, and subscriptions.
In a Kubernetes deployment, reinitialization of the MDM Publisher pod does not prompt for a new login.
The total field count in the Data Filter Wizard does not match the total field count on the Review Subset page.
Users can be locked out of the login page, even with correct credentials.
Deleting a subscription does not refresh the list of subscription cards.
Subscription job cards can say 'Not Started' even if the job is running or complete.

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