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QRadar: Customer developed applications and support policies

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Can I create custom applications for QRadar Console, and are they supported? This document outlines out-of-scope work for customer created applications cases and the responsibilities of the QRadar administrator. 


Responsibilities for customer developed application issues

Customers have the ability to create custom apps that provide extra functionality specific to their environments. App development leverages functionality from the QRadar App Software Development Kit (SDK), which is a set of tools to build, run apps locally to test, package, and deploy apps for QRadar.

Support type Description Responsibility
Customer created applications support
QRadar® Support provides only basic assistance for customer developed applications as most questions and complex issues are considered forum or community support for QRadar.  For example, QRadar Support can:
  1. Provide users links to the official SDK documentation.
  2. Respond to questions with IBM forum discussions or documentation on how to leverage the QRadar SDK.
  3. Investigate product functionality issues where the user provides evidence that the application framework or QRadar SDK are defective per documented functionality. For example,
    • Confirm installation issues are not due to known application framework problems on the Console or App Host appliance.
    • Validate API issues where an endpoint does not function.
    • Report errors to development when core functionality in the QRadar SDK is broken.
    • Review and report IBM Documentation issues related to QRadar App Development.
QRadar technical support

To open a case or report a customer created application issue, contact QRadar technical support.
Out-of-scope for QRadar Support Developers are responsible for their custom applications and can receive forum support from the community of QRadar users for most development questions. The following activities are considered out-of-scope for technical support cases:
  1. Troubleshooting installation or SDK issues on an administrator's development system.
  2. Troubleshooting installation issues with any customer-created apps, after support confirms the issue is not caused by the QRadar application framework.
  3. Debugging code, python scripts, or configuration files related to the customer-created apps.
  4. Recommending code changes or providing best practices for development questions.
  5. Testing apps on an ongoing basis.
  6. Providing information on security best practice or IBM validation processes. Administrators who want to validate their application can use the IBM Pre-Validation app from the X-Force App Exchange.
  7. Confirm or validate workarounds from blogs or YouTube videos.
For community based assistance, see the IBM SDK Forums.

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17 June 2021