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The IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache) for i is a complete Web server product which offers several components and features to assist in your web site configuration and development.
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The IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache) for i is a complete Web server product which offers several components and features to assist in your web site configuration and development. IBM HTTP Server incorporates all the latest features of Apache, as well as, integrates the security and functionality of IBM i. One of the key differentiators of IBM i is the many built-in features and services that make the platform one of the most secure in the market. The IBM HTTP Server also includes many security functions which help extend the IBM i security to the Web environment.

Apache is an open-source HTTP server that implements current HTTP standards with a focus on being secure, highly configurable, and easily extendible. It is built and distributed under the Apache Software License by the Apache Software Foundation.

PCI Compliance

The IBM HTTP Server for i is a PCI Compliant Web server. Known Apache security vulnerabilities are patched via. PTFs on IBM i.

Components available in LPP DG1 (*BASE)

The IBM HTTP Server embraces features of the open-source Apache HTTP server software, regularly incorporating the latest levels of Apache. In addition, a graphical user interface is provided for easy configuration and management of your HTTP servers. Other useful features are also shipped providing a complete and easy-to-use Web serving product.

  • IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache) for i

    IBM HTTP Server provides excellent Web serving performance through its support of: caching, file compression, and performance statistics data collection. For example, dynamic caching of web pages gives you better static page serving performance using local caching, proxy caching, or Fast Response Cache Accelerator (FRCA). File compression using the mod_deflate module increases network performance. To view the performance statistics of your server, use the Real Time Server Statistics tool that is available in the IBM Web Administration for i interface.

  • IBM Web Administration for i

    The IBM Web Administration for i interface combines forms, tools, and wizards to create a simplified environment to set up and manage many different servers and server types on your system.

    The IBM Web Administration for i interface supports the following servers and server types on your IBM i to help integrate these technologies into a useful production ready Web environment.

    • IBM HTTP Server
    • IBM WebSphere Application Server including Liberty profile
    • IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i
    • IBM Integrated Web Services Server for i
  • Net.Data

    Net.Data provides the connectivity to dynamic data to create interactive Web applications that can take full advantage of your enterprise data. By using Net.Data, you can build Web applications with data from a variety of data sources. Your web applications will have the power of all of the data in your enterprise.

  • Highly Available HTTP Server

    High availability and scalability of the Web server environment can be achieved through the use of IBM i clustering. The Web server cluster solution can provide:

    • Planned downtime: If a Web server requires planned maintenance, it is possible to transfer the work to another node without visible service interruptions to the client.
    • No unplanned downtime: If a machine fails, the work is transferred to another node with no human involvement and without visible service interruptions to the client.
    • Scalability: When employing multiple nodes, it is possible to distribute the Web site workload over the cluster nodes.
  • PASE FastCGI

    FastCGI is an open standard extending the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) standard supported by many common web servers today. This standard defines how information is exchanged between a Web server and FastCGI programs isolated in external processes. On IBM i these external processes are provided by a FastCGI Apache module which make external PASE programs (FastCGI programs) available as CGI jobs which can then be utilized by the native ILE environment resulting in faster HTTP request processing.

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