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Known Browser Problems for Web Administration
Manage HTTP Server in IBM Web Administration for IBM i
HTTP Server (powered by Apache)

Known browser problems for Web Administration

  • Resizing your browser window or frames within your browser may cause loss of unsaved changes.
  • All Mozilla based browser windows on a workstation share the same session when using the ADMIN host:port.  This presents itself as a limitation to the Web Administration forms.  Do not open more than one browser to the same ADMIN host:port from the same workstation. Web Administration forms can not be used on multiple browsers using the same session.
  • With Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, do not use the "File, New, Window" sequence to open a new browser.  This will cause the same session to be used for the ADMIN server.  Web Administration forms can not be used on multiple browsers using the same session. 

Manage HTTP Server in IBM Web Administration for IBM i

  • Authorities to files and directories used for HTTP Server configuration are set when they are created.  If user profiles associated with the configuration change, then authority to the files and directories will need to be manually updated.
  • Comments cannot be added to a configuration using the Web Administration forms. To add comments to a configuration, edit the configuration file directly. Note that the file can be edited using the Edit Configuration File tool for HTTP Server (powered by Apache).
  • The contents of Access Control files (.htaccess files) can not be edited using the Web Administration forms.  Use a file editor of your choice to edit these files. 

HTTP Server (powered by Apache)
  • Regular expressions contain characters such as '^', '[', ']','{, or '}' that are not supported by all CCSIDs. You must select a CCSID that supports these characters to start a server with a configuration file that contains regular expressions. The ADMIN server does contain regular expressions and will not start if, for example, you are running with Arabic CCSID 420. For Arabic, use EBCDIC CCSID 425 which contains all characters used in regular expressions.
  • For Apache Software Foundation's list of known Apache problems see the Apache Bug Database.

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