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IBM System Planning Tool for POWER processor-based systems

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IBM System Planning Tool for POWER processor-based systems

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Important note: This release is for version 6 of SPT. Version 6 of SPT has only systems with POWER5 processors or later. If you already have version 5 of SPT installed, you can simply download this and install it over your current version. However, if you still have version 4 (or earlier) of SPT installed, be aware that versions 5 and 6 of SPT use an entirely new Installer. Therefore, before installing this on a system that has version 4 (or earlier) of SPT already installed, you must completely uninstall that version of SPT first. Pre-POWER5 systems can be run by downloading and installing SPT-Legacy.


This version of the System Planning Tool has been tested with the following:

  • Hardware Management Console Version 7 Release 3.4
  • Virtual I/O Server Version 2.1

See release notes for details of the new function in this release.

Uninstall note: In some cases, previous versions of the SPT uninstaller do not properly uninstall SPT. If the uninstall does not seem to work (the uninstall hangs, or after the uninstall completes, SPT still appears to be installed) please attempt to uninstall SPT using the manual process.

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12 October 2021