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FAQs - Upgrade and software

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The following are frequently asked questions (FAQs)¹ concerning upgrades and software for Machine warranties.  

The answers provided in this document are based on IBM's standard terms and apply for most countries. Please see the "Country Required Terms" in Part 2 of the IBM Statement of Limited Warranty for any country variances.

Please see this page for general FAQs concerning Machine warranties.

Upgrade and software FAQs

Q: What is the warranty on IBM features, conversions and upgrades to the IBM Machine?

A: The warranty for features, conversion and upgrades is usually the same as the IBM Machine Warranty Period, (for example, three months, one year, and so forth) from the Date of Installation. Some features, conversions and upgrades are only available for installation on a designated serial-numbered Machine, and these transactions may involve the removal of parts and their return to IBM. A part that replaces a removed part will assume the warranty status of the replaced part. An IBM part that is added to a Machine without replacing a previously-installed part is subject to warranty effective on its Date of Installation.

What is the warranty on additional capacity installed as part of IBM's "Capacity Advantage" offering?

A: The warranty for additional capacity installed as part of IBM's "Capacity Advantage", or "Capacity Upgrade on Demand", is the same as the IBM Machine Warranty Period, (i.e., three months, one year, etc.), starting from the Date of Installation. The warranty period for the parts providing the additional inactive capacity begins when those parts are installed, regardless of when the capacity is activated.

What about Peripherals (IBM Printers or IBM External Storage Subsystems)?

A: Peripherals or attached Machines, external to and attached to another Machine, come with their own warranty and warranty services. Refer to the documentation accompanying the product for additional information.

Will adding third-party memory or disk drives void the IBM warranty?

A: Adding third-party items does not void the IBM Machine warranty unless the third-party item causes an IBM Machine to fail. If there is a warranty or service implication, you may be asked to remove the third-party item, or have the IBM Machine inspected and qualified before IBM will proceed with warranty service.

What are my options if I want Machine operating system or application software support?

A: IBM software support services are available. These services can be customized to meet your needs and provide a total hardware and software support solution. These services are available from IBM or your reseller at an additional charge.

What kind of warranty upgrades are available?

A: Warranty Service Upgrades are available to complement selected Machines. These services can be customized to meet your needs. These services are available from IBM or your reseller at an additional charge.

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¹ IBM provides answers to frequently asked questions for informational purposes only. IBM’s warranty and licenses are specified by the terms of their respective agreements; the information in these FAQs does not alter or modify the terms of such agreements or of any other agreement in effect with IBM.

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