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The Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries provides a command-line tool that quickly evaluates application-binary files for rapid deployment on newer versions of WebSphere Application Server traditional or Liberty.

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This command-line tool enables administrators and developers to evaluate, inventory, and analyze applications in minutes without accessing the source code. The tool can generate individual reports or a consolidated application migration report containing the following reports:

  • Application Evaluation Report
  • Application Inventory Report
  • Detailed Migration Analysis Report
  • Liberty Configuration

Learn more and see samples of the reports here.  The tool can either display an HTML report, or save the report as an HTML or JSON file.


A Java 6 or later JRE is required to run this tool.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries download package.
  2. If your browser saves the archive as, rename it to binaryAppScannerInstaller.jar.
  3. Run the following command and follow the prompts to install the tool:

    java -jar binaryAppScannerInstaller.jar

  4. After you accept the license agreement and specify the target directory for the installation, the tool is installed in the <target directory>/wamt directory.

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01 March 2024