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Upgrading the Watson Explorer Analytical Components to Version 11.0.2

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You can upgrade an existing Content Analytics system to IBM Watson Explorer Content Analytics Version 11.0.2. You can also migrate collections that you create in IBM Watson Explorer Annotation Administration Console Version 11.0.2.


Upgrading to Watson Explorer V11.0.2

See the attached PDF file for the following information:
  • A summary of all of the supported upgrade paths
  • A summary of data that is migrated automatically and data that must be migrated manually
  • Upgrade and migration procedures

Version 11.0.2 provides fixes for the following problems:

IT15948Date index field does not reflect modifieddate native field which Web crawler gathered.
IT16029Disable date_facet table for Oracle export.
IT16041The FileNet crawler is possibly not creating the correct url to authenticate the user.
IT16116Sorting "application user privileges" table not connected to edit function.
IT16395Rule-based categories are not created if static score ranking is enabled.
IT16530 "'dom' is undefined" error in the application UI.
IT16658 Search server only sends LTPA2 token as SSO token to authenticate on the data source server.
IT16788 Facet counting may result in StackOverflowError.
IT16836 Rule based category issue.
IT17055 NullPointerException may be encountered for specific queries with the compound document search option.
IT17544 NullPointerException could be thrown by specific search queries for the Compound Dccument.
PI63510 Internal enhamcenents delievered in Watson Explorer Analytical Component, Version 11.0.2:
Application UI:
- Search export drop down selector can remember the last selected option.

- Improved handling of removed documents by crawlers of below types:
JDBC, File system, Seedlit, Notes, SharePoint, Exchange, FileNet and Agent

- CSV tool to normalize IDs for exported CSV files.

- CSV import performance improvement.

Parse and index:
- A remedy for the stability of Stellent parser.
- Skip to process thumbnail generation if no suitable converter for A document is found.

Search and analytics:
- Disabled the ducplicate document detection when the compound document support is enabled.
PI64422 Report not exporting 5000 documents.
PI64431 NULL of DECIMAL column in Oracle export.
PI65123 Facet count mismatch with document count.
PI65280 Search export data column overflow.
PI65316 Search export/report truncating verbatim fields.
PI65645 The metadata fields screen in the crawlspace for ms exchange are blank.
PI66078 Skip distribution lists attacments in exchange crawler.
PI66232 Document processor stopped immediately after starting when facet tree is too complex.
PI66307 Exception thrown when calling realtime NLP REST API with query text containing percentage sign.
PI66312 When configuring facets admin ui produces error when editing the field name definitions.
PI67403 Internet Explorer hangs when editing rule based category no response for long time running script.
PI68051 Extra parsing rules on CSV export.
PI68093 Incorrect search result numbers.
PI68200 Issue viewing dropped records from admin console.
PI68457 Correcting vault.xml when importing the same collection package multiple times.
PI69742 Machine Learning Annotator fails by the infinite loop.
PI70638 Inapropriate errors are multiply logged even if a REST API call gets succeeded.
PI70711 CSV Export fails to format dates correctly when crawled from RDB.
PI71629 Machine Learning Annotator does not work as expected with large size documents.
PI71638 CSV Import tasks cannot be deleted from the import history on Admin UI.
PI71934 Some combinations of partition/thread configuration cause errors in search process with FINER audit logging level.
PI73119 Importing collection with Web crawler fails while migrating encrypted data.

Troubleshooting tips

Problem Solution
After the upgrade, the encryption key that is in the es.cfg file for an additional server might not match the encryption key that is in the master server.
If you install an additional server to the existing (migrated) master server, communication might fail. If communication fails because of this issue, the values of the encryption key values (CK) in the es.cfg file on the servers do not match.
To use the same key values in each server:
    1. Copy the value from one server to the other.
    2. Run the script to set the same encrypted password on each server.
    3. If you use WebSphere(R) Application Server, run the script to set the same encrypted password on each server.

For more information about the encrypted administrator password and script, see  "Setting the encrypted administrator password to be the same on all servers" at

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17 June 2018