How to Learn RDi

"How to Learn RDi"

Experience has shown that those who invest in learning the product get a quick return on their money as well as much happier productive developers.

Online Educational Resources

RDi Documentation

Description URL
IBM Support Portal
RDi IBM Documentation
RDi help can be local to improve speed and avoid firewall issues.

Active Communities that support RDi

Community URL
DeveloperWorks RDi Hub Forum

WDSCi-l @ - very active

Tutorials that you can follow

Tutorial URL
Hands-on RDi labs

Welcome Page in the RDi product

From the Help menu, select Welcome

Select First Steps

Cheat Sheets in the RDi product From the Help menu, select Cheat Sheets...

Videos and presentations you can learn from

Manual URL
Great videos on YouTube about RDi (Charlie Guarino, Jeff Berman, etc.)
PDM perspective
RDi videos including 9.6 videos and Code Coverage - Charlie Guarino
Register to get access to more free instructional videos from Charlie Guarino
RDi and Data Studio creating connection and stored procedures - Professor Saad
Code Coverage with V9.6.0.5 using SEP - Susan Gantner
What's New in RDi With V9.6 - Susan Gantner
RDi - New Year, New RDi - Susan Gantner

RDi - Big Changes, Part 1 - Key Behavior - Susan Gantner
RDi 9.6 Hover/Annotations/Enter Split/Tab Indent/Compare/Merge - Susan Gantner
RDi 9.6 Debugging - Susan Gantner
RDi 9.6 Fast Views - Susan Gantner
RDi Demo Video - Brad Adams
STRPDM to RDi - Charlie Guarino
Free-form support in RDi - Charlie Guarino
Push to client (new as of v9.1.1) - Dave McKnight
Interactive code coverage (new as of v9.1.1) - Edmund Reinhardt
What's new in RDi 9.5.1 RDi What's new 9.5.1.pdf
What's new in RDi 9.5.1 and RDi What's new 9.5.1 and
Editing free-form RPG in Rational Developer for IBM i - Edmund Reinhardt
What's new in RDi 9.6

Relevant articles

Description URL
New Code Coverage feature
Refactoring by the Guru 

Debugger overview
Stored Procedure Debugger using Data Studio

Hands-on Labs

Try out the Rational Developer for i product with hands-on exercises that step you through real-world scenarios. All the server software is pre-installed on a demo IBM i server for you.

Client System Requirements:

The labs require IBM Rational Developer for IBM i (RDi) to be installed on your workstation. If you do not yet have this, you can download it for free from  

Host System Requirements:

The easiest way to ensure you have everything you need is to use the EM Sandbox demonstration IBM i server that is set up and ready to use with these lab exercises. These labs use the RSELABxx library on that system. For those who want to load a SAVF on to their own system, here is a savf: rselabxx.savf.

Scripted, hands-on exercises:

Lab 01 - Getting started: Lab01_RDi_intro.pdf

This lab needs to be done first.
All other labs can be done in any order.

Lab 02 - Edit RPG applications - fixed form variant: Lab02_RDi_editing.pdf
Lab 02 - Edit RPG applications - free form variant: Lab02_RDi_editing - FreeForm.pdf
Either fixed or free form variant of this lab can be done. The free form variant requires V7R1 or later.
Lab 03 -  Verify and compiler RPG applications: Lab03_RDi_compile.pdf
Lab 04 - Debugging IBM i programs: Lab04_RDi_debug.pdf
Lab 05 - Design DDS screens graphically: Lab05_RDi_screen_designer.pdf
Lab 06 - Use the Application Diagram Viewer: Lab06_RDi_application_diagram.pdf
Lab 07 - Customize the Remote Systems Explorer: Lab07_RDi_advanced_topics.pdf
Lab 08 - Work with offline projects: Lab08_RDi_working_offline.pdf
Lab 09 - Work with Report Designer: Lab09_RDi_report_designer.pdf
Lab 10 - Code Coverage analysis of tests: Lab10_RDi_code_coverage.pdf Use Code Coverage to see exactly which lines are covered by your testing.

Useful links:

Purchase Rational Developer for i

Calculate when RDi will pay for itself

Online Educational Resources

RDi product evolution

Training Partners

Training Provider URL Description
Partner400 Hands on training in all aspects of RDi, RPG, SQL, and more.
Central Park Data Charles Guarino is a professional speaker and trainer who provides training is onsite or at remote locations. 
EASI EASI Training Practical workshops for new or experienced IBM i developers in all aspects of RDi, RPGLE, Db2 SQL, provide and consume web services on IBM i and ARCAD tools in Dutch, French, or English.
PKS Software GmbH Hands-on training in all aspects of RDi, RPG, SQL, and more.
Strongback Consulting Adoption planning, implementation, and training of RDi along with source code management tools such as Team Concert, and ARCAD. Training can be delivered remote, or on site.
Theo Baer, IT Consulting / Training Hands-on training in all aspects of RDi, RPG, SQL, WebQuery, EGL, and more.
ComCon Hand-on training for i developers - RDi, RPG, ILE, SQL, PHP and more
ASIST Hands-on training in all aspects of RDi, RTC, ARCAD tooling. Can be in English, French or Dutch.
Volubis Training in all aspects of RDi, RPG, SQL, and IBM i in general, in French language/cours en Français.
ATS Automated Training Systems Ltd (UK)

Self Study 

Class Room Course

iSeries Training available on all aspects of the iSeries from Introduction, Operations, CL, RPG, SQL, and RDi

Both self-study and instructor led courses on RDi.

Other classes also available as listed here

Binary Computer Services Hands-on training in all aspects of RDi, RPG, SQL, WebQuery, PHP and more
Sirius Computer Solutions
Oxford International
Royal Cyber
Sierra Training System i instructor led training on RDi, RPG, SQL, CL, and all aspects of development and support.

imPower Technologies LLC

Online Class - Learn RDi, RPG Free, SQL, Procedures, Modules, and Service programs. Includes weekly meet-ups, how-to videos, and sample programs. Prepare your new developer for the COMMON Associate Application Developer - RPG Certification

Speaking sessions and Schedule

Corporate onsite training - Contact Us!