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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes and fix packs sorted by version for IBM Packaging Utility.


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Note the pre-1.9 versions of the IBM Packaging Utility component have been superseded and are no longer available for download from You should update your pre-1.9 components with the most recent version available.

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Table of Contents:

Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
No APAR Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2021-28165
No APAR Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2021-28164
No APAR Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2021-28163
No APAR Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2020-27225
Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
IJ28903 Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2020-14782
IJ29698 Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2020-27221
Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
No APAR Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2020-14577
Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-2949
IJ24366 Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2020-2800
No APAR Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2018-8013
Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-2989
IJ22978 Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2020-2654
Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-4732
Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
We incorporated an Eclipse bugzilla fix-patch ( into the
Installation Manager and Packaging Utility components (both Eclipse-based).  This fixes a regression introduced in the
1.9 version where some product installations would fail in the Prerequisite panel with error "Exception caught while
evaluating expression in bundle "".
We fixed a SPARC 64-bit specific defect where manipulation of certain packages was failing with the error "CRIMA1176E:
Platform support validation error for package <IBM SDK...> in repository. CRIMC1072E: This package cannot be used on
the current platform. The repository contains files for this package on this platform: Solaris sparc64"
Mod Pack (1.9.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
IJ17982 Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-11771
IJ17983 Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-4473
Initial Release (1.9)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
IJ15691 Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-2684
None Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-10246
None Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-10247
None Fix Security Vulnerability CVE-2019-10241

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24 June 2021