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IBM IMS Enterprise Suite Release Notes

Release Notes


This document provides the list of all versions of the IBM® IMS™ Enterprise Suite that are in service and what's new and deprecated to assist you with the planning, installation, and maintenance of the suite.


To find out if newer updates are available for the components you use, see the release notes for the version of IMS™ Enterprise Suite that you have installed:

For IMS Enterprise Suite Version 3.3 and 3.2 release notes and any known issues and workarounds, see the following topics in IBM Knowledge Center:

These topics provide a link to the release notes for each component.

Important: IMS Enterprise Suite Version 3.1 was withdrawn from service on November 7, 2016 (see the Software withdrawal and support discontinuance announcement 215-405). Customers using IMS Enterprise Suite Version 3.1 or older should upgrade to the latest version in service as soon as possible to continue to receive support and to take advantage of enhancements and new features. For V3.1 SOAP Gateway customers that are on extended service contract, the final version of the V3.1 SOAP Gateway documentation is available in this document.

What's New
  • IBM® IMS Enterprise Suite for Distributed Systems Version 3.3 is made available for the distributed platform only to provide a new release of IMS Explorer for Development that is based on Eclipse Neon V4.6.
    • For all other components that are IMS Enterprise Suite Version 3.2, keep using V3.2.
    • If you are on Eclipse Luna V4.4, for compatibility, you can use IMS Explorer for Development in IMS Enterprise Suite Version 3.2, which is based on Luna.
  • IMS Mobile Feature Pack for z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition (z/OS Connect EE), added in IMS Enterprise Suite V3.2.1 (PID 5655-TDA), is now included directly in IBM z/OS Connect EE starting V2.0.5 (PID 5655-CEE) to provide a RESTful solution for accessing IMS transactions with support for REST API definition and deployment. By embedding this component in z/OS Connect EE, the initial setup process is significantly simplified.
  • If you are using z/OS® Connect EE V3, IMS Explorer for Development is no longer required for creating IMS services. Use the z/OS Connect EE V3 API toolkit instead.
  • If you are still on z/OS® Connect EE V2, use IMS Explorer for Development in IMS Enterprise Suite Version 3.2 because the z/OS Connect EE V2 API toolkit is based on Eclipse Luna V4.4. Using IMS Explorer V3.2 ensures compatibility.

Deprecated, removed, and stabilized features
  • Deprecated feature
    A deprecated feature is no longer recommended for use. Use the recommended alternative instead.

  • For IMS Mobile Feature Pack for z/OS Connect V1.0:
    • No further enhancements will be delivered for IMS Mobile Feature Pack for z/OS Connect V1.0.
      IMS Enterprise Suite V3.2, which was made available October 30, 2015, is the last release to include this component. The V3.2 release in October 2015 bundled WebSphere® Application Server Liberty Profile V8.5.5.7 and its z/OS Connect V1.0 feature. No further updates will be made to either of these bundled components.
    • Customers should move to IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition V3 (PID 5655-CE3), which not only supports later releases of these bundled components but additionally provides support for REST API definition and deployment.
  • Removed features
    • Files for installing IMS Mobile Feature Pack for z/OS Connect EE are removed by APAR PI70548. For existing customers that are using IMS Mobile Feature Pack for z/OS Connect EE, the APAR hold card provides the information about the upgrade process to z/OS Connect EE V2.0.5 (APAR PI70432). Existing services and APIs remain untouched. No migration step is required.
      For more information about z/OS Connect EE and the IMS service provider, see Using the IMS service provider (in z/OS Connect EE documentation in IBM® Knowledge Center).
    • IMS Connect API for C is removed from IMS Enterprise Suite V3.2. V3.1 is the last version that includes the C API.
    • For IMS SOAP Gateway, support is removed in V3.2 for the following functions:
      • Running on Windows and Linux for System z®
      • Business events
      • One-thread-per-connection-bundle callout thread management policy
  • Stabilized feature
    IBM® will continue to ship and support IMS SOAP Gateway pursuant to existing commitments. IBM does intend to stop developing major enhancements to IMS SOAP Gateway. See the statement of direction in IBM United States Software Announcement 216-048.

For a full definition of these terms, see Deprecated, stabilized, superseded, and removed features in the IMS Enterprise Suite V3.2 product information.

Product documentation

Product documentation for all versions of IMS Enterprise Suite is available in IBM Knowledge Center.

Product downloads

IMS Enterprise Suite for the distributed platforms can be downloaded from the IMS Enterprise Suite download website. For the z/OS platform, order a CBPDO through the IBM Shopz website.

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