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Embedded content may not be displayed on Web pages from remote sites when the remote site is using a self-signed certificate



Web pages may not display embedded content from remote sites when the remote site is using a self-signed certificate. This issue impacts IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM), Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) and Rational Team Concert (RTC).


This issue is seen when performing various operations such as Logins, viewing dashboards and more. Some browsers simply block the embedded content instead of prompting the user about how to proceed.

For instance, if a dashboard page from one server contains a viewlet with content from another server, that viewlet may not be displayed when the server's certificate does not match the hostname for the server.

All browsers will experience this issue (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome).


The hostname for the remote site does not match the hostname in the self-signed certificate.

Resolving The Problem

A possible fix is to import the remote site's certificate permanently into the browser's configuration.

(Preferred fix) generate a new self-signed certificate with the correct hostname.

Another scenario where you may see blocked content is explained in technote 1653966 Embedded content served from remote sites over an insecure connection (HTTP) may not display when the Web pages are served over a secure connection (HTTPS).

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Rational Team Concert;Rational Quality Manager

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16 June 2018