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How to use Sql Agent Trace Configuration Utility (KoqCtlEditUtility)

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How to use Sql Agent Trace Configuration Utility (KoqCtlEditUtility)


Having problems manually updating OQ agent configurations. Now SQL Agent Trace Configuration Utility (KoqCtlEditUtility.exe) which can edit koqcoll.ctl and koqtrac.ctl files was introduced to users to easily change any settings for troubleshooting purpose.


Increasing collector logs:

Instead of manually increasing collector logs following steps below:

- Enable detailed collector logs:                                       
a. Open the koqtrac.ctl file. The file is located in the following path:
install_dir\tmaitm6, where install_dir is the location of the IBM Tivoli
Monitoring component.                                                   
b. Remove the two semicolons (;;) from the beginning of the line that   
contains trace_all;.                                                    
c. Save the file. 


To run the KoqCtlEditUtility.exe utility, complete one of the following steps:

  •         For a 64-bit agent, go to the candle_home\TMAITM6_x64 directory.
  •         For a 32-bit agent, go to the candle_home\TMAITM6 directory.

In koqtrac tab move cursors which you want to trace from right to left side or check Enable all detail logs to enable all with one click:

imageAfter that click Apply button and restart agent so new changes are in effect.


Below scrshot show collector log with enabled tracing:


Below scrhot show collector logs with no detailed tracing set:


Disabling problematic cursors:

Because only two cursors KOQTBLD and KOQDBD can be disabled via MTEMS window or CLI (DBSETTINGS.db_extparms="KOQDBD")



Use KoqCtlEditUtility.exe utility and navigate to Koqcoll tab to disable other cursors. To disable cursor select cursor on right side and more it to left side. Cursors on left side are disabled cursors.



After that click Apply button and restart agent so new changes are in effect. When cursor is disabled means that there will be no data collection for this attribute group. Verify on below url which cursor affects which attribute group:





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