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Use IBM's EZ-Install Package to simplify your process of installing for the first time OR upgrading from a previous release.


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To simplify installations and upgrades, IBM created an "EZ-Install" package. Consider using EZ-Install versus the traditional way of installing IBM i licensed products (LPPs) and then PTF Groups. EZ-Install is not only easier but the SETUP command lays down the product with the latest PTF Group already applied, and much more to enable a FAST START for users.
EZ-Install SETUP command does the following:
  • Runs a pre-req checker to ensure you have all the prerequisites.
  • Installs the product and all feature options and PTF Group
  • Preserves existing reports and metadata from older versions
  • Assigns a Db2 Web Query Administrator (a prompt on the SETUP command)
  • Restores sample databases referenced by Tutorials and Video demonstrations
  • Installs several tools and utilities, such as the Query400 Discovery Tool and Date Dimension Table Utilities
  • Starts Db2 Web Query!
License keys are not required on a new installation or an upgrade immediately as you can run the product under a 70-day trial period. On day 71, you WILL need license keys to continue to use what you are licensed to.
How to request EZ-Install Package
You can request the EZ-Install package, which includes installation guide and tutorials by sending an email to If you are an IBM Business Partner, be sure to provide to the tutorials to your client so they can learn about what you installed for them!
Learn more about EZ-Install at
If you have a previous version 2 installation, then EZ-Install overlays that.
Where to go for help

If you need assistance with the installation part only and you do not have a Support Contract, you can email and we will provide assistance. For all other issues, you should contact IBM Support.
For information about migration
If you are doing a migration from one system to another including different versions or want to clean up older releases, you can refer to this additional information here.
For information about traditional install and uninstall
If for some reason you are unable to obtain the EZ-Install package, you can still install Db2 Web Query in the traditional way. More information can be found here

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14 December 2022