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We recommend EZ-Install for installing or upgrading Db2 Web Query, but this page contains the traditional installation method (RSTLICPGM) and instructions on uninstalling.


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The following is for the traditional method of installation:
For prerequisite products and fix levels, see the Release Levels and Prerequisites document at  For installation instructions and information on upgrading or migrating Web Query, click the link for your Web Query release:
Where to go for help

If you need assistance with the installation part only and you do not have a support contract, you may email They should be able to assist you with getting the product installed. For all other issues, you must have a Support Contract and call 800-IBM-SERV.
If you want to remove Web Query V2:
  • For normal uninstalls, use DLTLICPGM LICPGM(5733WQX).  This process removes the QWEBQRY and QWEBQRYX libraries, the /qibm/proddata/qwebqry directory, and the user-registered licenses.  
  • For complete uninstalls, including removal of the additional libraries, /qibm/userdata/qwebqry directory, and Web Query administrative profiles, use the manual Version 2 uninstall Instructions.  This process will delete any user created reports and metadata.

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15 December 2022