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7.4 Content and Changes



7.4 Content and Changes


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New Functions in Navigator for 7.4

What's new for IBM Navigator for i

Read about new functions that are now available within the IBM® Navigator for i application in IBM i 7.4.

  • Monitor enhancements
◦   Start Monitor Server
  • When the monitor server is ended, it can be started by clicking the Start Monitor Server action button on System Monitors or Message Monitors panel through IBM Navigator for i. Besides, you can set target to other system to start the monitor server of it.  
◦   Copy Monitor Definitions to Target System
  • System monitor and message monitor definitions can be copied to any of the target systems if the user profile of the target system has enough authority.
  • Tape enhancements
All the tape functions currently available on the System i Navigator client have now been made available for IBM Navigator for i. Prior to this, IBM Navigator for i only supported a subset of the tape functions available on the client application.
  • Network enhancements
  • ◦   SMTP distribution list
  • IBM Navigator for i supports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) distribution list now. A distribution list contains a list of email addresses or distribution lists to simplify sending emails to a group of users. This feature is to support the new CL commands for supporting SMTP distribution list under *SMTP and *SMTPMSF mode.
  • CRTSDSTL (Create SMTP Dist List)

CHGSDSTL (Change SMTP Dist List)

DLTSDSTL (Delete SMTP Dist List)

RNMSDSTL (Rename SMTP Dist List)

DSPSDSTL (Display SMTP Dist List)

WRKSDSTL (Work with SMTP Dist Lists)

ADDSDSTLE(Add SMTP Dist List Entry)

RMVSDSTLE(Remove SMTP Dist List Entry)

  • Authority Collection enhancements
For IBM i 7.4, Authority Collection support is enhanced to allow it to be activated for 1 or more objects, regardless of the thread effective user profile running when the authority checks are made. (Note:  In 7.3, authority collection could only be performed per user profile).   This object-level support will capture authority data for specific objects in libraries, document library objects (*DOC and *FLR object types), and objects in the "root" (/), QOpenSys, and user-defined file systems.

Object-level authority collection: Data related to authority checks is activated and collected for selected objects regardless of the thread effective user profile running when authority checks are made.

Beginning with V7R4, IBM Navigator for i provides the interfaces to:


◦           Start and stop authority collection for objects

◦           Display the current authority collection status for the system

◦           Change authority collection for an object or objects

◦           Display the results of authority collection for an objectt

◦           Delete the authority collection for an object


To do this, the following has been added to IBM Navigator for i for V7R4:

A new node,  Authority Collection for Objects, has been added under the File Systems navigation node. Under this node, all the authority collection tasks are available.   Also, a new action group, Authority Collection, will appear when actions are displayed for any file systems object.  From here, you can:

    Change collection for the object

    Display collection data

    Display collection data using ACS client window

    Delete collection data

  • Performance enhancements

Graph History

  • Graph History allows you to view and analyze Collection Services Historical Data.

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24 January 2020