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The "Install AFP Viewer" action for printer output was removed in the December 2019 PTFs.  The browsers that IBM Navigator for i supports no longer support this type of plugin.

If you want to continue to use the AFP Viewer to view certain types of printer output, you will need to install the viewer on your PC.

The latest level of Ricoh AFP Workbench, AFP Viewer Plug-in, and AFP Driver may be found here.

When you run the installer, by default, the AFP Viewer .exe is installed at the following location on the PC (ex:  Windows PC):

C:\Program Files (x86)\RICOH\AFP Workbench\ftdwinvw.exe

When you select Open for printer output in IBM Navigator,  you will see a pop-up (have to be allowing pop-ups in your browser) that asks if you want to Open or Save the file.   Select to Open the file, then specify to use the AFP Workbench viewer .exe (ex:  C:\Program Files (x86)\RICOH\AFP Workbench\ftdwinvw.exe).

You can also select to do this every time when a file of this type is Opened to be viewed.

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24 January 2020