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Setting up Maximo Application server to use IBM DB2® pureScale™

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Setting up Maximo Application server to use IBM DB2® pureScale™


Do you have requirements to make your Maximo DB scalable or highly available?
If so, using IBM DB2® pureScale™ and it's clustering technology can help you achieve high availability and scalability for your Maximo environment.

IBM DB2® pureScale™ is certified for use with Maximo Asset Configuration Management You must configure your database server manually, and then install Maximo Asset Management by following the instructions in the Installation Guide to deploy manually reusing existing middleware.

After you install the product, configure this properties to implement IBM DB2® pureScale™.

1. In the install_home\maximo\applications\maximo\properties\ file, replace the value of the mxe.db.driver property with the new value:

New: mxe.db.driver=psdi.server.CustomDriverProxy

2. Create a file named in the properties folder, like this


3. In the file, define the name of the driver by adding the following line:

4. (Optional) In the file, add additional properties that you want to specify in the JDBC connection by prepending them with the word property and a period.
For example, to add the property enableSysplexWLB, add the following line:


5. Finally, you have to Rebuild and deploy the Maximo EAR files  

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