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BiLog: Cloning....Adding QBR Reporting to Cloned applications

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BiLog: Cloning....Adding QBR Reporting to Cloned applications


I found my eyeballs in the attic.    They were waiting for me this weekend as I waded thru a box of festive Halloween decorations.  The eyeballs screamed ‘clone’ to me….cloned alligators,  cloned ostriches and cloned Maximo applications.

When you clone a Maximo application, you may want to enable QBR (Ad Hoc Reporting) functionality for a new or cloned application.  The steps below detail how you can do this.
1.  Verify that the RUNREPORTS Security Option is enabled for your cloned application.  (This is a Prerequisite sigoption to the QBR functionality)  To do this, access Application Designer and filter for the application.  From the action menu, select Add/Modify Signature Options.   Under Description – enter a value of ‘report’ to see if any Sig Options are enabled.

In this example, we’ll assume that this sig option is not enabled, so it will be created, along with the other QBR report sig options.  

2.  Click New Row, and add the first sig option:  RUNREPORTS. Repeat this process for the remaining three other sig options:  (1) DELETEREPT (2) CREATEREPT and (3) PUBLICREPT.  When you are complete, you should have the 4 new sig options as shown below.  Click OK and save the changes.  

3.  Next, add the ‘Run Report’ action to the action menu for your cloned application by selecting ‘’Add/Modify Select Action Menu’ from Application Designer.  

4.  Once the new report security options and menu option have been enabled, follow the standard Application Designer processes for enabling the application updates.  You can then grant security privileges to the newly enabled QBR functionality for your cloned applications via the Security Group application
For more details and screenshots on enabling this functionality, reference the ‘Adding QBR Functionality to New or Cloned Applications’  in any of the Version 7 QBR guides listed below: 
V75 QBR Ad Hoc Reporting Guide located here
V7116+ QBR Ad Hoc Reporting Guide located here
V7111 thru 7115 QBR Ad Hoc Reporting Guide  located here
And for a demo of the QBR Ad Hoc reporting functionality in Maximo Version 7, click here

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