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Maximo V7 Ad Hoc (QBR) Reporting - Version and Future Releases

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What features are available for V7 Ad Hoc or QBR (Query Based Reporting)?


Query Based Reports (QBR) are enabled to meet the Ad-Hoc Reporting Needs of users. QBR’s enable users to create their own unique report by selecting columns, specifying sorting and grouping, and the query the report will run against. Once the user saves the report, this information is fed through an API to create an xml report design file, which is then executed thru the report engine.

This document provides details on the Functionality and Business Logic used for the Ad Hoc Reporting Capability. This includes information on the Report Object Structures (ROS) which have become the basis for Ad Hoc Reporting.

This document is based on the Maximo Base Services Release and future versions.

The document for the 7.5 and higher releases can be found here

The document for the and earlier releases can be found here

For more details on other reporting features, access the Maximo Report Wiki Pages available here

or the Maximo Report Reference Materials located here

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Revision 9 - March 2015
Updated Application Exporting section starting on page 95. App Exporting only available from Object Structure application in the 7.1x versions.

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17 June 2018