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BiLog: Explore...Maximo System Library

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BiLog: Explore...Maximo System Library


At an area of 56 square feet with Lshaped tables, a single chair and 6 drawers of file cabinet space, each cubicle surrounding me is the same. Like the template that the contractor used to insure each cubicle is the same, Maximo uses templates and library files for consistency and re-usable components in its reports. Today, let's review  the Maximo System Library, and key considerations for its configuration.  
Libraries store re-usable components, functionality and images.  Each Maximo report is dependent on this library, and utilizes the components defined within the library when it executes.   One system library, MaximoSystemLibrary.rptlibrary, is delivered to you.  This file is located in <Maximo>\reports\birt\libraries.   The Maximo System Library contains two core items:
1.  Master Pages.  This defines items like the margins for printing, and the controls used for page formatting (ex page n of m).  This is contained in the library because it is used on all reports, and rarely changes.  
2.  Themes.  This contains the style sheet, which defines the font type, font size and other text characteristics to be used in the reports.  The theme in the library is referred to as the style in the report design.  The maximoTheme contains the specific colors and formatting for the reports, and is called “maximoLandscape”    A sample portion of the file is shown below with the reference to “maximoLandscape”
        <simple-master-page name="maximoLandscape" id="3">
            <property name="orientation">landscape</property>
            <property name="topMargin">0.5in</property>
Note:  Maximo's Ad Hoc reporting, or QBR Reporting, requires the names 'maximoLandscape" and "maximoDataSource" for the appropriate library components.  If you rename or replace either of these components, QBR reports will not execute.  

Therefore, if you need to modify the master page "maximoLandscape" in the System Lbrary for your custom report requirements, be sure to keep the original name of ‘maximoLandscape” after your modifications.   Additionally, be sure to review this file in any future fixpacks or version updates, as you may need to re-apply your customizations.

To learn more about custom report page sizes, click here

For additional details on the Maximo System Library and other components, reference the V7 Maximo Report Development Guides for the specific version you are using as noted here:
   For Maximo 7503 and BIRT Designer 371, click here
   For Maximo 7115 and up thru Maximo 7502 with BIRT Designer 232, click here
   For Maximo Versions7111 thru 7114, using BIRT Designer 212, click here
Also, don't forget to join and participate in the Maximo Report Community! This community is intended for you to share custom report examples and best practices with each other. Additional report examples have been published for you on license compliance within this community!  Please join, participate and help/learn from other Maximo Report users.   If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact me, Pam Denny, at
Thank you!

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