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BiLog: Best Practice…Matching Maximo BI Tools and Maximo Users

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BiLog: Best Practice…Matching Maximo BI Tools and Maximo Users


Perfect Matches…Alligators and vacations, printers and relationships, Maximo and Communities.  Today, I want to introduce another perfect match….Maximo Report Users and BI Tools.

In the last BiLog entry, we reviewed the various levels of Maximo Users you have based on their skill sets in Maximo and their various job requirements.  Additionally, we’ve reviewed the various Maximo Business Intelligence Tools that are delivered to you out of the box including Data Download, or QBEApplication Exporting, Result Sets, Key Performance Indicators, Ad Hoc Reporting  and Standard, Enterprise Reporting

Now – let’s bring these two components together in one of our Key Maximo Best Practices.   And that is to take your Maximo Users – knowing their skill sets in Maximo and their job requirements – and match them to the Maximo BI Tools that will help them be most successful.

And how do we do that?  Let’s go back to our Pyramid and start with our enterprise user.
Our Enterprise User is very reliant on a highly guided user experience, so we want to give him access to reporting.  Reporting will enable him to click on an icon from the toolbar and have his report automatically print.  Additionally, we want to give this user access to KPI, or Key Performance Indicators, so he can visually see the performance metrics of his organization and how his daily business tasks can impact their performance.

Our Application User accesses additional applications and reports, so he needs access to additional BI Tools.   The two BI tools that we additionally want to add are Result Sets and Data Download.  Results sets will enable this user to analyze results immediately from his Start Center when he signs in, and Data Download will enable him to export application queries to Microsoft Excel for him to take action.

And for our Power User…who wants access to all applications, all reports and all data…we want to give him access to all BI Tools.  He is the user who is qualified to use Application Exporting, and Ad Hoc Reporting, so we ant to add these to his portfolio.  With Applcation Exporting, he can export additional objects and attributes from an application to Microsoft Excel.   Additionally, he understands potential performance impacts of running reports against all database records – and can also visualize report grouping, sorting and filtering – so he is qualified to create QBR, or Ad Hoc Reports.

Matching your users – based on their Maximo Skill Sets and Job Requirements – with the Business Intelligence Tools that will enable them to be the most successful is a Key Maximo BI Best Practice.

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