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BiLog: Autopilot...Report Schedule Limits and Maintenance

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BiLog: Autopilot...Report Schedule Limits and Maintenance


I’m not sure how I got to work this morning.  I remember getting in my car, putting my 2 travel coffee mugs in their cup holders,  and then I pulled up to the IBM office into my favorite parking spot and walked to  my cube.  Auto Pilot?  Hmmmm….I think its time to Explore a new route to work!  

On the topic of exploring, last week the OEE (Overall Equipment Effecitiveness) report was highlighted.  This under-publicized, delivered report has unique drilldown capablities, uses hidden parameters and non-standard Maximo information. 
Another often un-explored report is the Report Schedule Limits and Maintentance.   This report available from the Report Administration application, higlights the Report Schedule Limits functionality.

This performance-enabler feature enables you to limit the number of report schedule requests your users can submit. This feature can be very beneficial as users may submit recurring schedule requests for reports that they think they will always need.  However, once the need for the report output goes away – the users may forget to delete the scheduled report request.  Meanwhile, the report still continues to execute, and leads to wasted, unnecessary resources.  By limiting users to a maximum number of scheduled jobs, your users will be required to only submit schedule requests for reports they need, and delete requests for obsolete report jobs.  
image To help you manage this functionality, the Report Schedule Limits and Maintenance report is delivered.  This report highlights  the total number of security groups you have and how many of those security groups have run report access.  Then – the number of security groups with schedule limit functionality enabled - is displayed.  This information may be helpful to your administrator if the number of scheduled reports executing on a regular basis becomes increasingly high.     

Additionally, within the report, an analysis of the Schedule Queue is provided.  This information analyzes the report usage log and details the percentage of recurring scheduled reports versus single, one time scheduled reports.     This can be a key item to consider when setting schedule limits for the various security groups.

For more information on this report and others, access the Maximo 7.5 Report booklet here

For more information on the Report Schedule Limits feature, including business rules when upgrading to Maximo 7.5,  access the Version 7.5 Report Feature Guide here or the Report Wiki page here
And don't forget to bookmark the new Maximo Report Wiki pages here

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