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V7.5 Reporting Feature Guide

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What functionality and features are available with V7.5 BIRT Reporting?


This guide details the embedded BIRT reporting functionality by focusing on two of the five major processes: Execution and Administration.

The guide starts with an overview of the Execution of reports. This includes topics of installation, execution, emailing, scheduling and database and both delivered and recommended custom file structures.

Then, administration is detailed. These specific topics include security, importing and exporting, and the multiple actions and functionality available within the Report Administration application.

The other three reporting processes areas - Configuration, Design and Development – each have their own separate guide or guides detailing their unique functionality. Information on these can be found in the Reference Material Section at the end of this guide.

For versions of this guide for Release 7.1, reference this page here

For more details on other reporting features, access the Maximo Report Wiki Pages available here

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