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BiLog: Cognos Reports and the Maximo Where Clause

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BiLog: Cognos Reports and the Maximo Where Clause


Where?   Where did I leave my keys?  Where is my to do list?   But most importantly…where are the cupcakes?
Where is a frequently used term in reporting – as the Maximo ‘Where’ clause is the key to launching any type of report from Maximo.
You can access Cognos Report Studio reports from within Maximo in a number of different ways as detailed in this prior Bilog entry.   These Cognos reports can be executed using the Application query, also known as Launch in Context, or via a Parameterized report where the user enters explicit parameter values.
Adding the Maximo ‘where’ clause to a Cognos report enables this direct access to Cognos.  The Maximo WHERE Clause includes critical user and application query information.  In order to dynamically pass this information from Maximo to Cognos each time a report is executed, each report’s design file must include the Maximo WHERE clause.  
To do this, you must modify each Cognos report in Report Studio to add a parameter for the Maximo where.   



You then must apply a filter with specific syntax to the parameter so Cognos can accept the values passed from Maximo.  Detailed steps and screenshots on how to do this are contained in the sections titled ‘Including the Maximo Where in Cognos Report Studio Reports’ for Maximo Version 7.5 here  or Maximo 7.1 here


Because you cannot modify a Cognos Query Studio report for a Maximo where parameter, the Cognos query studio reports cannot be executed directly from Maximo.  They can only be accessed from within the Cognos portal.   This is noted in the section of the guides above titled ‘Developing Maximo Cognos Reports in Query Studio’.
Where can you see more of how Cognos reports are accessed from Maximo?  Check out a recorded demo here or the full listing of Cognos demos, including creating Cognos Ad Hoc reports here

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