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BiLog: Cognos Report Access

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BiLog: Cognos Report Access


imageMy plant grew hands.   I think he wants to stretch towards the sun, or at least ACCESS some of the cherry tomatoes growing on either side of him. 

Likewise, you may want to ACCESS Cognos reports from Maximo.   There are three ways that you can do this, including -

1.  From an application’s Action Menu, you can select ‘Run Reports’ and access any registered Cognos Report.   Once you select the Cognos report, its request page appears for you to enter parameter values.   Then, when you click submit, the report then appears in the separate Cognos Browser session.

2. Additionally, you can access a Cognos Report from the Report List Portlet on your Start Center.  The Report List Portlet is a great mechanism to list all your favorite reports for quick and easy access. 

You can find our more information on the Report List Portlet at this BiLog entry or on this Report Wiki Page

3.   Beginning with the Maximo 7.5 release, an additional Cognos Access option is available.  This option enables your users to launch directly to the Cognos Portal from any configured Maximo application. image


To Access this, the user selects the application's Action Menu, and then 'Cognos Reporting' as shown in the sceen shot here.

This option is excellent for your users who may not know the exact report or Cognos functionality they want.




To enable Access option, access the Security Group application, and grant access to the Security Option of ‘Cognos Reporting’ for the selected groups and applications.   Please note that there are no other security dependencies on this action.  For example, the Security group does not have to have ‘Run Report’ access to be granted access to ‘Cognos Reporting’.image

Once this access has been granted, the user can launch directly to the Cognos Portal from the selected application from an application like Asset, Work Order or whatever application you configure.

Finally, please note that when a user is directly launched to the Cognos Portal from an application, his data restrictions are not passed.  Therefore, carefully consider the users and their security restrictions, before granting this option.

For more details on this, reference the section below titled ‘Executing Maximo Reports within the Cognos Portal’ in the Maximo 7.5 Cognos Integration guide here or the Maximo 7.1 Guide here

For more details on Cognos Reporting with Maximo, including demos, reference materials and FAQs, access the wiki pages here  Thank you!

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