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BiLog: Memory...Resource Files


I forgot.   I had my headphones on.....and I forgot what a terrible singer I was when I let my voice escape.   I also forgot what summer feels like, who won the superbowl in 2003 and how to make a mouth-watering Reuben sandwich.  But I haven't forgotten what  a report resource file is.

Resource files are .gif or .jpg images used in report designs.  Within the Maximo delivered reports, two resource files are used.  These are IBM_logo_black.gif and tivoli.gif, which are the two logos displayed at the top right and left hand corner of each report.   

The repository for reports is the Maximo database.  Therefore, any file related to the execution or display of an individual report must be located in the database.   This includes report design files (.rptdesign), library files (.rptlibrary) and the resource image files (.jpg and .gif)



Bringing new or updated report files into the database is done by Importing.    You can import large numbers of updated/new report files thru Import Utilities.   Or you can import a single report at a time through the import action in the Report Administration application.

When you utilize the import action, you are either bringing in a new or modified report design file.    Therefore, this import will always require a .rptdesign file.    However, you do not import a new resource (image) file in this process.   Resource files tend to stay static and are not typically updated during the Report Admin import process.   An example of a standard import process bringing in an updated report design file only is shown here.   Notice the Report Resource File section is left blank.



However, if you do have a unique resource image file for your report - and you are importing it thru the Report Admin import action - you first must .zip the image .jpg or .gif files.    Again, any resource file must first be zipped before importing thru the Report Administration action.  This alternate scenario is shown here.  Notice the resource (image) file was zipped and then imported for this individual report design.    











To find out more on these features, access the V7.5 report feature guide here   This guide  contains more details and screenshots on these processes, including  
     - Report file types starting on page 21.   
     - Importing reports thru the command utilities starting on page 73.  
     - Importing reports thru the report admin application starting on  page 103.   

For the latest  listing of the V7 report documentation, click here.  Thank you!

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