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My collection of Maximo 7.5 Performance Technotes

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My collection of Maximo 7.5 Performance Technotes


Once in a while I'll get questions about performance problems.  Specific scenarios can be resolved by applying Interim Fixes or adding indexes.  Those critical and urgent problems often happen throughout the entire system.


Here is a collection of performance related recordings and technotes that might help:

Install Performance Monitor!/wiki/IBM%20Maximo%20Asset%20Management/page/Interactive%20Performance%20Analysis%20with%20Maximo%20Activity%20Dashboard%20%28MAD%29

Clustering with Maximo and WebSphere 8.5.5

Three part series with step by step instructions and screen shots

SCCD 7.5.1 Performance Education Session

Correcting Slow User Queries



Maximo Performance Best Practices



Best Practices for System Performanc​e 7.5


JVM Separation Process



Out Of Memory errors on the systemout.log



Out of Memory blog



Database Connection leak



Using System Instance Properties to Control Cron Tasks



Parameters to improve Maximo performance using WebSphere



Stopping Data from Auto-populating List Tab



Configuring Autofill Properties


WebSphere 7.0 fixpack 27 or higher with Java SDK 1.6.0 SR12 Cumulative Fix



Understanding Memory Requirements For 32 And 64 Bit Systems



Understanding Search Methodologies


More performance technotes:


 SQL SPECIFIC Technotes:

Maximo Performance on SQL Server - Turning off Page Locking



Maximo 7.5 on SQL Server out of memory and performance problems




create indexes and use the recommended settings for Oracle 10g and 11g below:

  • cursor_sharing - We highly recommend that this be set to FORCE for optimal performance in Maximo. Currently, the value is set to EXACT
  • processes - make sure this value is high enough to handle all of the concurrent connections expected to the database. We generally recommend 4000
  • sessions - we generally recommend keeping this the same as processes, e.g. 4000
  • transactions - we recommend this be set to 2425
  • session_cached_cursors - the recommended value is 400
  • session_max_open_files - the recommended value is 300
  • nls_length_semantics - if you use Unicode or double-byte, then you would want to set this value to CHAR

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