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Stopping Data from Auto-populating List Tab

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Is there a way to prevent data from auto-populating list tab?


The 7503 Interim fix build 002 introduces a fix that now causes the list tabs in all applications to populate with data. This is a feature that customers can configure to work as needed, either populate or not populate with data. The configuration of this feature is controlled via the application for each application.

Here is an example of how to turn it off for the Work Order Tracking application.

1. Go to the Application designer and bring up WOTRACK.

2. On the list tab we need to highlight the result show list. To do this place your cursor in between the blue dotted line and the grey shading in the white area.

3. From the tool bar select Control Properties. You will know you have the correct area highlighted if the Control ID says results)showlist.

4. At the bottom of the Properties box you will have an option named Start Empty. This has to have a check mark in the field for the application to load with no data.

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17 June 2018