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BiLog: Maximo 76, Wilson, Cancellations and ULSTATUS

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BiLog: Maximo 76, Wilson, Cancellations and ULSTATUS




I'm madly in love with both Watson and Wilson!    


Wilson's name is continuously on my mind as I have entered his name a bZillion times when logging into maximo.  Soooo many times...that I unconsciously enter wilson/wilson to authenticate to the IBM network.  Hmmmm...will IBM one day recognize Wilson as an employee?


While you may also know Wilson very well....there may be some new BI features in Maximo 76 that you may not initially recognize.  Some of the new features include the new Ad Hoc reporting capabilities new KPI applications, and new Cognos entitlement.  But what about those features that may not be so Visible...including report cancellation and ULSTATUS and ULMSG?   


In Maximo 76, updated report cancellation features enable an administrator to cancel a report regardless of which report processing stage it is in.  

Included in the updated cancellation feature are two new attributes,  ULSTATUS and ULMSG, added to the REPORTUSAGELOG object.   These new fields enable you to answer questions including 
      How many reports have been cancelled in a given time frame?
      Whose reports you may be continually cancelling?  

ULSTATUS shows the status of the report job - which in this example would be cancelled
ULMSG contains the log message. 

The Maximo 76 Report Usage 76 report has been updated to include these new fields as shown here


If this report did not meet your needs, you could quickly create your own Report Usage report from Report Administration using the Ad Hoc reporting features.   You can select the REP_REPUSAGE report object structure, you can select the attributes from both the REPORT and REPORTUSAGELOG objects to create a report to meet your individual project needs.




WILSON!   Don't you just love him?  : ) 


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