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BiLog: Setting security to Maximo Work Centers with templates

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BiLog: Setting security to Maximo Work Centers with templates



Fighting back flashback memories of paint-by-number templates where you were supposed to stay inside the line….and I couldn’t…..



New Maximo Work Center security templates are very different and tremendously fabulous!!   And enable you to quickly grant work center security access to your Maximo users!


Maximo Work centers were initially introduced in Maximo  for all Maximo clients with no additional costs or licensing fees.   The work centers provide role-focused applications in a new user-interface which displays seamlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.


Utilizing a continuous delivery model, the work centers have come along way since their initial introduction in June 2016.   There are now 5 work centers, including two new Inspection work centers introduced in


And granting security access to the work centers in has been significantly streamlined with the new security templates!   The new templates contain predefined individual object structures and their application security access (read, save, insert, delete)


This new video details how you can set Work Center security access using the new templates!  Fantastic!



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