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BiLog: New Maximo Work Centers, Abby and Watson!

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BiLog: New Maximo Work Centers, Abby and Watson!



We’re busting with exciting news!  

Starting with Maximo, new innovative work centers provide a central location for users to view, act on and analyze a variety of Maximo actions and information!!!  

Three work centers are provided focusing on individual Maximo personas including a Technician, Supervisor and Business Analyst.   Yes!   A Business Analyst called Abby.

And PS – one of Abby’s best friends is Watson!


Abby’s role as a business analyst requires her to explore all areas of Maximo data for project needs, business requirements and her Management Team.Prior to Maximo, Abby was reliant on Microsoft Excel or Ad Hoc reports for reviewing data.   But using the new Business Analyst Work Centers, she can do so much more including  


1. Viewing data quality Key Performance Indicators to see current performance, and monitor trends on critical data collection areas.  (For example, insure that Problem, Cause and Remedy information is collected on Reactive Work Orders)

 2. Interpreting important business metrics in Work Order Management and Schedule Management thru a variety of visual, eye-catching charts.  With this information, she can full screen the chart results, change chart types to better understand information, or export the results for sharing or emailing.

3. Exporting pre-formed key business data areas to Watson! 


YES!  With a single mouse click, Abby can export any one of a number of delivered data sets to Watson!  These data sets include focus on key business areas including Work Management, Purchasing, Inventory and Asset Management. 

Want to see it!   YES!  Click here for an overview of the Business Analyst Work Center in Maximo  Or access this YouTube Playlist for a number of video recordings detailing the new Business Analyst Work Center and Watson Integration!

Welcome Abby, the new Maximo Work Centers and the fabulous Maximo Watson Integration!

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