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BiLog: Immediate and Scheduled needs

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BiLog: Immediate and Scheduled needs


Estimates note that only 8% of people setting New Year’s resolutions - actually keep them.


So – let’s get immediately to the chocolate.   Or maybe we’ll schedule a delivery for later today when energy levels dip to an alarming rate.


Whether your report needs are immediate or scheduled, we’ve got you covered in Maximo



In Maximo, a dialog was introduced which enabled you to define which file options are available to your report users when running reports immediately.


And now in, a new dialog enables you to define the file options available to your report users when scheduling reports.    


Few key points to remember on this new dialog include

1.  This configurability option is introduced in Maximo

2.  You must grant access to the option in the Security Group application

3.  The available email file options include pdf, xls, xlsx and xls other

4.  You must regenerate the report or request page xml for the changes to take affect


Watch a 5 minute overview and demo of this new feature Or read thru the details starting on page 75 of the updated Report Feature guide

Happy 2018!

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