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BiLog: Maximo76...Reports and Spreadsheet Love

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BiLog: Maximo76...Reports and Spreadsheet Love




=('I LOVE Spreadsheets!')  

It's true.  I'm madly in love with a spreasheet's charts, calculations, cell references, worksheets, hyperlinks and how everything is organized in row and column buckets.  

Are You?

In Maximo 76, the types of worksheet file formats available to you with BIRT reports has increased  200%!    Two new file formats produce variations of .xlsx files.  These files create the exported content in individual worksheets - cooresponding to the individual pages of the report.  Additionally, charts are exported to the worksheets - and the resulting file sizes are significantly less than the existing xls file type.


The two new xlsx file options are available to you along with xls and pdf, when scheduling and emailing a report.  Additionally, they are available from the 'Export Report' dialog in the Report Viewer.



Additionally, multiple other file types are now available for exporting from the viewer, bringing the total to 12.   However, your organization may not want to support this large a variety of report types - so a new dialog is available in Report Administration.  


The new 'Set Report File Export Options' dialog enables you to determine which file export options are available to your users, and which file option will be the default value.   Remember when setting this dialog - you must restart the report server (For example - the Maximo or BROS Server) for the new report file export options to be available.


To learn more about this new feature and to see a comparison of the export options, access the YouTube video here   


You can also find more details on the new report export options in the Maximo 76 Report Adminiistration and Feature Guide.  And alisting of all Maximo BI documentation can be downloaded here in Spreadsheet format.  Of course : ) 

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