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From the Maximo Support Desk - Limitations of Work Orders in the Everyplace Technician Application

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Limitations of Work Orders in the Everyplace Technician Application


Here are a few notes to clarify the observations of several clients who have used the Maximo Everyplace applications...

You have likely found that the User cannot add Planned Materials, Tools, or Labor to a Work Order in the Everyplace Technician application.  A new Work Order can be created but there is not a button or menu action to add rows to the Planned Materials section, or other sections on the Resources tab.


Steps to Reproduce the Condition:
-Click the Everyplace Technician (Tablet) link
-Click the New Work Order button on the toolbar
-On the Resources tab, expand the Planned Materials section by clicking the Show/Hide Table button
*There is no New Row button, or a menu action to add planned materials
*The condition is the same for the Planned Tools and Labor Assignments sections as well


The technician tablet apps are designed and presumed to run on devices with smaller screens.  Some Work Order functionality was intentionally not included in the "Everyplace" application platform to save space.  It was designed for technicians in the field, who are presumably using mobile devices (tablets and phones).  Additionally, the intended common usage case is that they are performing the tasks on the Work Order in the field and would not typically add planned items.

If a client/User requires this functionality (similar to the more robust Maximo mobile application), then it could be achieved through a cloned, or otherwise modified application.

Of course, you can always recommend enhancements to your Maximo product by visiting IBM's RFE (Request for Enhancement) Community landing page.  I have written another article in this venue which describes this process:

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