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From the Maximo Support Desk - "We have a Suggestion Box"

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From the Maximo Support Desk - "We have a Suggestion Box"


One of the many cool things about supporting Maximo applications for our clients is that I get to really hear about how they use the product, and what kinds of things that they would like to see the product do for them.  Maximo users have come to know that there is robust customization and configuration possibilities within the product, and I have the daily pleasure of speaking to some of the most astute and creative users from many different industries who find elegant and thoughtful ways to take advantage of this.


Despite the flexibility of Maximo and the ingenuity of our clients, there is sometimes functionality that seems like it should be possible to do with the Maximo configuration tools, but for one reason or another is not quite feasible to achieve within the current framework.  For this reason, we have an available vehicle to request an enhancement to the current Maximo product ...


There is a portal to the Request For Enhancement (RFE) Process:



Now, I know what you're thinking... you're expecting to fill out a form, click a Send button, and your request goes to a digital purgatory, never to be seen again.  NOPE.  That's not what we're doing here.  In fact, we have an entire online community and forum to support this process.  In fact, your ideas for functionality and enhancement are a necessary component of our product development process!


You can visit the URL above to get a complete description of the process, and you'll quickly realize that this is not just a gratuitous page to air your grievances with our products' functionalities.  You will find that you can view current and closed items, create your own way to track requests, as well as "vote" on other requests that have been submitted.  It's not an exaggeration to state that this is your way to participate in the development of the products that you use, to make them more valuable to your business.








Tom Richardson is an IBM Maximo Support Engineer and frequent contributor to the Asset Management Blog community.  For a complete index of links to his articles, visit
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