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Manhattan Associates, Inc. is the global leader in providing supply chain execution (SCE) solutions. They enable operational excellence through real-time collaboration, execution and optimization. Their solutions leverage state-of-the-art technologies, innovative practices and our domain expertise to enhance performance, profitability and competitive advantage. Manhattan Associates has licensed more than 870 customers representing 1,300 facilities worldwide, which include some of the world's leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers.


Manhattan Associates and the IBM i development team partner on the Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management solution for IBM i (WMi).  This partnership includes validation of new WMi solutions releases, validation of new IBM i OS releases, performance testing with new IBM Power processor families and technology enablement.


  • Setting up Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management for IBM i v2013R00 in an iASP Environment (Oct 2013)

    The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how to migrate and configure an existing Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management for IBM i version 2013R00 (WMi 2013) application to a IBM System i environment that implements an independent auxiliary storage pool (iASP).

  • Manhattan Associates and IBM: Delivering Efficiency (May 2013)

    Solution Brief outlining the outstanding partnership between IBM and Manhattan Associates. Discusses the enhanced performance and increased efficiency that can be realized by making use of new IBM hardware and the new capabilities that can be found in the latest software from Manhattan Associates.

  • IBM and Manhattan Associates Sales Brochure (Jan 2009)

    Sales brochure outlining the alliance between IBM and Manhattan Associates and the strength of the relationship in providing a market-leading supply chain solution.

Benchmarks and Performance

  • Infor M3 on IBM POWER7 & IBM i 7.1

    This paper describes testing that was done with Infor M3 on the IBM POWER7 750 and the IBM i 7.1 operating system. This report highlights the benefits of the latest IBM POWER hardware and IBM i operating system. First it shows how runtime performance on the new POWER7 has improved over a similarly configured POWER6 system. Second it shows the runtime performance of IBM i 7.1 compared to IBM i 6.1.

  • Infor M3 7.1 Large User Scaling on System i

    This paper describes testing that was done with M3 7.1 on the latest IBM Power hardware and the IBM i 6.1 operating system. This report highlights three benefits of this latest technology. First it shows how runtime performance on IBM i 6.1 has improved over IBM i 5.4. Second it shows how run time performance with POWER6 processors has improved over previous POWER5+ models. Finally it shows the benefits of the new low-end IBM Power 520 Express offerings.

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