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Net.Data is a server-side scripting language that extends web servers by enabling the dynamic generation of web pages that use data from various data sources. The data sources can include relational and nonrelational database management systems such as DB2, DRDA-enabled databases, flat-file data, and native applications written in programming languages such as RPG, Cobol, Java, C, C++, and REXX.


High-performance connectivity to dynamic data

Rapid development of Internet and intranet applications

Use existing business logic to web-enable client/server applications


Except for releases that are no longer supported, PTFs listed in the table can have been superseded by other PTFs (see releases that are no longer supported).

The list of PTFs does not include group PTFs that affect the functionality of Net.Data. Group PTFs are normally released every 1 - 3 months and contain a group of PTFs that are tested together in a packaged method. You should always load the latest group PTFs for database and HTTP server before going through the following list.

Release Last update PTF
7.5 N/A N/A
7.4 N/A N/A
7.3 2017-11-03 5770DG1-SI66197
7.2 2017-06-14 5770DG1-SI63171,
7.1 2017-06-14 5770DG1-SI65038

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06 December 2022