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My notifications: How to subscribe to valuable product information notifications



This is a My notifications Question and Answer document and step-by-step guide on how to subscribe to valuable product information notifications.


Q:  Can you explain what My notifications can do for me?

A:  My notifications will pro-actively notify you of new and important technical support content regarding the products you purchased and are currently using.  Considering recent vulnerabilities that were announced in 2014, it is important for our clients to stay updated on both product-level and industry-specific situations.

Q:  How important?

A: Security issues, Critical fix packs, operational warnings, good practices, and troubleshooting tips are some of the document types you can enable for these notifications.

Q:  How will I be notified?

A:  You can choose by email or RSS, ATOM feeds.

Q:  What types of notifications can I receive?

A:  You can have emails sent directly to your inbox.  You can configure feeds to report the notifications. Or, you can have information listed on the Notifications page by clicking the View link. The notifications you receive are based on the document types you select.

Q: How do I get started?

A:  You must have an IBM ID to access My notifications.  The ID is free (no charge) and allows you to access these services.  If you do not have an IBM ID, you can create one using the IBM Id Registration page.  There is a Create id button that will ask you for some information.  Once you have an IBM ID, you will be able to log in using that ID to access the My notifications tool.

Q: Once I have an IBM ID, how can I get notified about my products?

A:  You can access the My notifications tool. Browse for a product or type-in the product name to search for a product. Click the Subscribe button next to the product name. It's that simple.

Q:  Once I have found my product(s), how do I create the notification?

A:  Click the Subscribe link to the right of the product name. A green checkmark will appear to show you that the subscription is completed. The Edit button allows you to change the types of notifications for the subscription.

Q: What types of notification document types can I enable?

A:  Notifications are based on the document types you select.  Based on the products you select, the list of document types will change.  Document types include: 

  • Security bulletins
  • Flashes
  • News
  • Downloads and drivers
  • Fixes
    • Recommended
    • High-Impact / Pervasive (HIPER)
    • Security Vulnerability (Sec/Int)
  • Troubleshooting
    • Technotes
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • Authorized Program Analysis reports (APARs)
    • Fix readmes
    • Preventative Service Planning
    • Program Temporary Fixes 
  • Product information and publications
  • Webcasts

Again, the list varies by product. You can enable as many document types as you want. You will be notified based on your selections. 

Q:  It seems complicated and I am a new user to IBM.  Is there any documentation that can walk me through the sign up process?

A: Yes! We have created a step-by-step tutorial: Stay Informed by Receiving Product and Lifecycle Notifications to help you enable notifications for each of your products.  Once you have enabled the notifications, you will immediately start receiving important information regarding those products!

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28 January 2021