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Job Scheduler Enhancements



New function has been added to the IBM i Job Scheduler to hold and release the scheduler and to allow scheduling a job that runs only once a year.


The job scheduler has two new enhancements:
Holding and releasing the job scheduler
A new special value of has been added to the Hold Job Schedule Entry (HLDJOBSCDE) and the Release Job Schedule Entry (RLSJOBSCDE) commands to allow the job scheduler to be held and released. The new special value *JOBSCD can be found on the Job name (JOB) parameter of these two commands. When you specify JOB(*JOBSCD) on the HLDJOBSCDE command, no jobs will be submitted until the scheduler is released using the same option of JOB(*JOBSCD) on the RLSJOBSCDE command.
The status of the job schedule entries is not changed when using this new special value. Only the status of the scheduler itself will be changed (HLD/RLS) as viewed in the new Status field on the Work with Job Schedule Entries (WRKJOBSCDE) display.  
Scheduling a job to run once a year
A new special value of *YEARLY has been added to the Frequency (FRQ) parameter on the Add Job Schedule Entry  (ADDJOBSCDE) command. 

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Modified date:
03 May 2022