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The IBM Large System Performance Reference (LSPR) ratios represent IBM's assessment of relative processor capacity in an unconstrained environment for the specific benchmark workloads and system control programs specified in the tables.

Ratios are based on measurements and analysis. The amount of analysis as compared to measurement varies with each processor. The data that follows is based solely on IBM's measurements and analysis of the processors in the tables. For machines not listed in the tables, contact the corresponding vendor for performance information.

Many factors, including but not limited to the following, can result in the variances between the ratios provided herein and actual operating environments:

  • Differences between the specified workload characteristics and your operating environment
  • Differences between the specified system control program and your actual system control program
  • I/O constraints in your environment
  • Incorrect assumptions in the analysis
  • Unknown hardware defects in processors used for measurement

IBM does not guarantee that your results correspond to the ratios provided herein. This information is provided "as is", without warranty, express or implied.

For some details on how LSPR data is obtained see measurements.

LSPR data


LSPR workloads including the latest updates


z/OS V2 R4 LSPR ITR ratios


z/OS V2 R3 LSPR ITR ratios


z/OS V2 R2 LSPR ITR ratios


Linux on IBM Z RHEL 8.3 LSPR ITR ratios


Linux on IBM Z SLES12 SP3 LSPR ITR ratios


z/VM V7 R2 ITR ratios


z/VM V7 R1 ITR ratios


System Resources Manager (SRM) constants

Download LSPR

For a complete description of LSPR philosophy and methodology, download the LSPR description document (SC28-1187-25) in PDF format:


Additional information

The following links provide more sources for performance information for z/VM and z/VSE.

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