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IBM System Planning Tool for POWER processor-based systems

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IBM System Planning Tool for POWER processor-based systems

Send all problems or questions concerning the IBM System Planning Tool to: . Please send the system plan (.sysplan) file when reporting a problem.

This e-mail address is for correspondence related to the SPT only. For issues related to importing, deploying, and managing system plans on the Hardware Management Console (HMC) or Integrated Virtualization Manager, please contact IBM Support Line.

Known problems

If the Uninstall function of SPT hangs or does not seem to completely uninstall SPT, the following manual process is recommended:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, manually delete all SPT installed directories and product files from the selected SPT product install directory (default location is C:\Program Files\IBM\IBM System Planning Tool).
  2. Manually update .com.zerog.registry.xml
    1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\Zero G Registry and locate a file named .com.zerog.registry.xml (file name starts with a dot character). If this file is not found, skip ahead to manually removing SPT entries from the Windows registry (step #3 below).
    2. Make a copy of the existing version of this file, in case it's needed.
    3. Edit C:\Program Files\Zero G Registry\ .com.zerog.registry.xml (a text file) using some text editor like Notepad or Wordpad.
    4. Search for text "<product name="IBM System Planning Tool". If found, delete this entire product entry. Locate the corresponding "</product>" line about 12 lines below "<product name="IBM System Planning Tool", select all lines of text between these two lines, including these two lines, and delete all of those lines.
    5. Search for ALL remaining lines that include the text "System Planning Tool", and delete each entire LINE of text that included "System Planning Tool". Make sure that the entire LINE containing this text is cut. At the end, there should be no more occurrences of "System Planning Tool" found in the entire file.
    6. Save .com.zerog.registry.xml and close text editor.
  3. Manually remove SPT entries from the Windows registry.
    1. You should use the Windows registry editor (regedit) to locate and remove the SPT product entries listed below. To start the registry editor, go under the Windows Start menu, select "Run...", and depending on whether you are running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, type in one of the following commands:
    2. for 32-bit Windows: "regedit" (without quotes), then click OK.
    3. for 64-bit Windows: "%systemroot%\syswow64\regedit" (without quotes), then click OK.
    4. The registry editor interface is similar to Windows Explorer. Navigate down to the SPT entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/IBM/IBM System Planning Tool
    5. Right-click on the "IBM System Planning Tool" entry in the tree on the left pane, and select "Delete".
    6. Close the registry editor.

For details on how to resolve these issues, see the System Plans Troubleshooting Guide(PDF, 276 KB).

For general questions about Power Systems virtualization and the components of PowerVM, see the PowerVM forum.


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